Severe thunderstorms sweep through north Missouri causing damage

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Severe thunderstorms swept through Missouri on July 2, 2024, causing significant damage and flooding across several counties. The National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill reported multiple incidents.

Macon County experienced severe flooding, including the Macon County Sheriff’s Office and several roads in the town of Macon. Floodwaters reached up to three feet over Highway 36, creating hazardous conditions.

In Adair County, near Kirksville, thunderstorms resulted in downed wires and power outages along Illinois Street. The storm also produced wind gusts of 61 mph, further exacerbating the damage.

Linn County saw significant power outages in Meadville, with power lines downed throughout the town. Emergency management officials reported widespread power outages due to the storm’s intensity.

Unionville in Putnam County suffered damage from downed tree branches, which also caused damage to a home. The severe weather in DeKalb County led to trees and power lines being blown down in Stewartsville.

Hamilton in Caldwell County experienced road blockages and downed power lines due to fallen trees, causing significant disruptions.

Grundy County witnessed strong winds in Trenton, where emergency managers reported a 12-14 inch tree limb falling due to the storm.

Clinton County saw wind gusts reaching 60 mph in Cameron, reported by the Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS), causing additional damage.

The severe weather prompted numerous emergency responses and highlighted the need for continued vigilance and preparedness.

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