Several receive prison sentence in latest session of circuit court

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Several defendants received prison sentences, with some defendants continuing probation in the latest session of circuit court.

18-year old Hayden McGill of Trenton received five years in prison after his probation was revoked.

Judge Jack Peace retains jurisdiction for 120 days with McGill is to be placed in a shock program. He’s been on probation on two counts of second-degree burglary.

Milan resident Jack Gathercole was sentenced to four years in prison after his probation was revoked. Gathercole was on probation on a possession of a controlled substance charge.

32-year old Mark Lundy Junior of Trenton admitted violating two probations and received four years in prison. Lundy was on probation on a bad check charge and

driving while intoxicated, persistent offender.

Trenton resident Miriah Butler withdrew prior pleas and pleaded guilty to a drug charge and third-degree domestic assault, third or subsequent offense. Ms. Butler was sentenced to a total of 15 years in prison although execution of the sentence was suspended and she was put on probation for five years on each of the charges.

49-year old Shauna Neff of Trenton received five years probation on a drug charge she had pleaded guilty in August.

34-year old Shandolyn Bradley of Trenton received five years probation after withdrawing a prior plea and pleading guilty to a drug conspiracy charge. She’s required to pay $200 to a law enforcement restitution fund and $216 in other restitution.

A Wheeling resident, Patrick Oyler, withdrew a prior plea and pleaded guilty to a non-support charge. Oyler was put on probation for five years and is to pay current and past-due child support.

Trenton resident Tanya Hisel was put on two years probation after pleading guilty to a theft charge.

Ms. Hisel is required to pay $2,200 restitution and a $75 s administrative fee and will be required to complete a financial management class.

Gallatin resident Stephanie Miller admitted violating three probations, which were continued with additional conditions and extended one year.

Trenton resident Sasha Thomas received additional conditions on her probation which also was extended one year. She previously had admitted violating the probation.

Trenton resident Jon Ashford admitted violating his probation, which was continued.

48-year old Misty Smith of Trenton pleaded guilty to three counts of possessing a controlled substance. Sentencing is set for December 15th.

Ludlow resident Scott Shaver is to have a one-day jury trial February 22nd on a non-support charge.

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