Serve Trenton initiative sees overwhelming participation over the weekend

Serve Trenton Graphic

Taking advantage of the excellent weather for outdoor work, the Serve Trenton initiative over the weekend saw participation from more than 50 adults and children. A total of 56 individuals participated over one or two days.

Kevin Harris, the spokesman for Serve Trenton, mentioned that a dozen projects were completed. These projects encompassed tasks such as window and gutter cleaning, landscaping, brush removal, roof repairs, power washing, and painting. Additionally, ramp repair and construction were undertaken. Volunteers also took the initiative to pick up trash in the parks. The Impact 412 youth group contributed significantly by assisting with several projects at The Community Garden, located north of the First Christian Church in Trenton.

Serve Trenton operates as a ministry, utilizing service as a platform to connect with people in their communities. Their mission is not only to serve but also to share the Gospel and extend an invitation to a local church.

Harris reflected on the weekend, describing it as a fruitful period of work and fellowship.