September, 2021 temperatures were above normal while September rainfall was below normal

Weather graphic

The September weather summary for Trenton shows above normal temperatures and well below normal rainfall.

Highs and lows both were about four degrees above normal with highs averaging nearly 83 degrees. The warmest temperature was 91on September 26. Highs reached 90 degrees on both September 27 and 28. Highs were in the 80s on 19 days during September in Trenton.

The coolest low was 46 degrees on September 23. Those recorded temperatures were at the water plant in west Trenton where temperature readings and precipitation measurements are taken for the National Weather Service.

Rainfall in September totaled slightly over one inch at the water plant, 71-hundredths at the Barton Farm Campus, and 67-hundredths of an inch at the KTTN studios. The one-inch two hundredths (1.02) at the water plant was 3.41 inches below normal for the month. The September rainfall was just 23 percent of the normal monthly total of 4.43 inches.

It was the second consecutive month of well below normal rainfall in Trenton. The 2.52 inches in August and the 1.02 in September totaled 3.54 inches since august 1, which is nearly five and one-half inches below normal when combining August and September. It turned a yearly moisture surplus of 4.02 inches entering August into a yearly deficit of 1.45 inches entering October 2021.

Entering each of the past five months, the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center said there were no clear indications on how temperatures and rainfall might turn out for those months in our area. So, they were given equal chances for above, below, or near-normal conditions; however, entering October, the Climate Prediction Center says there’s a good chance for temperatures and precipitation to both be above normal this month in our area.