Senator Rusty Black champions child care legislation

State Representative Rusty Black
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State Senate Joint Resolution 71 seeks voter approval to levy certain costs and fees to support the salaries and benefits of specific state and county personnel.

Twelfth District State Senator Rusty Black of Chillicothe mentioned that the resolution is focused on improving the sheriff’s retirement system.



Discussions on the resolution have commenced in the State Senate, with Senator Black expressing optimism about elaborating on its details in the future.



Senator Rusty Black has also introduced bills to the Missouri Senate Health and Welfare Committee concerning child care, with one bill targeting state after-school clubs.

These after-school programs, often hosted by schools or nonprofit organizations, provide care and supervision for children from kindergarten to middle school until their parents can pick them up.



The conversation around child care has garnered unanimous support, with a sponsor identified in the Missouri House of Representatives.

The care for medically complex children in daycare settings, requiring nearly one-on-one attention, was highlighted as a challenging area.



The proposed legislation has been met with positive feedback.

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