Senator Josh Hawley inquires of FEMA about preparations for upcoming flood season

Josh Hawley

United States Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri has sent letters to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Army Corps of Engineers to ask what is being done to prepare for the upcoming flood season.

Hawley asks questions involving transparency in FEMA’s Individual Assistance program, the Corps’s preparations for existing levee breaches, and plans to improve flood control and disaster relief in the future.

Hawley asks FEMA what steps it will take to mitigate a potential disaster, since he says the Corps “has been slow to restore flood protection to pre-2019 levels, thereby leaving residents vulnerable.” He asks the Corps what it plans to do to protect the work of Missouri farmers who face decisions about the 2020 planting season.

Hawley notes the National Weather Service anticipates high levels of precipitation during the spring flooding season and that some of his constituents plan “to act on their own to provide at least some level of protection for their homes and businesses” due to what he calls the Corps’s “inaction.”