Scuffle with prisoner leads to Chillicothe officer’s minor injuries

Chillicothe Missouri Police Department

Chillicothe Police Chief Jon Maples reports one of his officers sustained minor injuries in a scuffle with a prisoner after transport to St. Joseph.

At 7:25 p.m. Friday, officers responded to the 200 block of East Jackson Street in Chillicothe to serve a 96-hour mental health warrant that had been issued by a judge. Officers took the male into custody and later transported him to the hospital in St. Joseph. Upon arrival at the hospital, Maples said the transporting officer began to remove the restraints from the male in custody. As the officer did so, the male began to fight the officer. Hospital security was able to assist the police officer in securing the male back in restraints. As a result, the officer sustained minor injuries.

Maples said the unidentified male was released from the hospital in St. Joseph and taken into custody by the St. Joseph Police Department for alleged assault on a law enforcement officer.