Scripted Healthcare expands team with addition of Representative Mazzie Boyd as business manager

Casey Guernsey hires Representative Mazzie Boyd

Casey Guernsey, CEO of Scripted Healthcare, announced the addition of Mazzie Boyd to the Scripted Healthcare team. “I am thrilled to welcome Representative Boyd to our organization, she is a top quality hard-working, and dedicated public servant,” said Guernsey. Mazzie will be the organization’s Business Manager and will be involved in managing the in-home program as well as billing insurance for consumers needing medical equipment. “I believe Mazzie’s work ethic and character is exactly the right fit for our organization as we strive to provide abundant hospitality to anyone needing access to both medical equipment and their ability to stay in their own home.”

“I am very excited to help expand the reach of Scripted Healthcare to Northwest Missouri where there is a serious need for such important services,” said Boyd “I believe in the mission of this organization and feel very strongly that many people will benefit from its programs here at home. Healthcare in general is complicated for people to navigate and Scripted’s mission is to provide access to necessary equipment, both new and recycled.”

Guernsey founded Scripted Healthcare 5 years ago with the goal of processing quality donated medical equipment to people in need as well as helping people stay in their own homes by providing self-directed in-home service. With this program, people who qualify can select anyone they like to help with basic tasks – which oftentimes is all the difference they need to stay out of nursing homes. “I believe our program is one of the best programs in the country and our organization is the highest paying agency in Missouri at $15 an hour”. 

Representative Boyd will work in Northwest Missouri to develop new partners and networks to expand program services. “We see people go without necessary medical equipment because the cost is frequently prohibitive,” said Boyd “Scripted Healthcare’s Accessibility Medical Equipment division is one of a kind Medicare-certified organization, as nobody else runs a recycling program in the entire region and there are virtually no providers of new equipment, which we also provide. What is exciting about the in-home program here at Scripted is that we see people who just need a few hours of help a week get to remain in their homes and stay out of an institution. Access Personal Care provides services to individuals from the Ozarks all the way up to the Iowa line.

“It is my goal to have an office in Bethany, very soon, as I have purchased a building there. The addition of Mazzie to our team gets us one step closer to making that a reality,” said Guernsey. For more information visit the Access Personal Care website or the Accessibility Medical Equipment website