Scammers target customers of GRM Networks

An e-mail scam to obtain email addresses and login credentials is being sent to random customers of Grand River Networks internet services.

It should be noted that not all customers of Grand River Networks will receive an e-mail as spammers and thieves tend to target random email addresses.

The text of the message contained in the email tells you that Grand River Networks is upgrading their email accounts due to malware and viruses causing errors in a database. The e-mail further states that email service is being upgraded to a new anti-spam version and that users of Grand River Networks services will need to click on a link in the email to confirm their e-mail address and password.

Clicking on the link in the email takes you to a website that does look official, and includes Grand River Networks logo, however, by doing so, and entering your credentials, you are giving your e-mail address and password to online thieves.

KTTN Radio spoke with officials at Grand River Networks, and they assure us that no upgrade notice is being sent to users and that users should delete any e-mail they receive concerning an email upgrade without clicking on any links contained within the e-mail.

Text contained in email
This message is officially about account owners, dear valued customer we use this medium to inform you that your account required a new standard version due to overloading and so much spyware in the Internet this days. As resort of it we are having so much technical error in database that is the major reason why Help Desk have decided to upgrade to a new anti spam version that will help us to serve our consumers with a better quality services. Your mail account will be upgraded to a new enhanced web-mail user interface, provided by management.
Effective from the moment we receive the information we required from you. management will  discontinue any user who fail to abide by the upgrade information.
To ensure that your account is well secured in database kindly click on this link
and fill the required information to enable us upgrade your mail account to the new anti spam version.
Lack of this upgrade will resort to your account being temporarily prevented from our network, and it will soon stop receiving email from others due to lack of the upgrade.
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Management Center.
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Fake Login Screen if Link is Clicked

fake GRM Login
fake GRM Login