Scammers calling residents, telling them there is a warrant for their arrest

Scam Alert News Graphic

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox advises that many area residents have reported receiving calls from someone claiming to be an area law enforcement officer, saying there is a warrant for a resident’s arrest. The callers reportedly tell residents they are about to be arrested or need to have a DNA test and try to get residents to send money.

The sheriff’s office has also had several reports of other types of scams, such as their grandchild is in jail or the hospital and needs money.

Cox notes the callers consistently want residents to keep the calls a secret, as the scammers know many individuals and banks may ask questions and intervene. He adds that area law enforcement does not do business this way and cannot take bonds over the phone.

Residents are asked to hang up if they receive scam calls. Anyone who has sent money due to one of the calls is asked to call local law enforcement.