Salvation Army “Pathway of Hope” program assists area residents to brighter future

Salvation Army

The Chillicothe Salvation Army provides an initiative called the Pathway to Hope to residents in Livingston and Grundy counties.

Case Manager Lynda Snuffer explains that the program was developed to help those in generational poverty or who have problems for which they need support.  In order to be eligible for the program, there must be at least one child under the age of 18 in the household, and the adult or adults in the household must want to make and work toward goals to improve their situation.

Snuffer says individuals can come by the Salvation Army to talk to her if they are interested in the program, and she also talks to individuals in public.  The program provides individual assessments to determine if Pathway to Hope is something they want to do.

She notes program participants can come in to talk to her once every one to two weeks about their goals, and they can also call her between meetings. Snuffer says the program’s purpose is to make participants more self-sufficient, teach them how to do things, and find resources.

The Salvation Army goes out into the communities in the Livingston and Grundy counties in order to find professional resources in many areas, such as housing, job searches, writing applications, and budgeting in order to help those involved with Pathway of Hope.

Snuffer says the program is free, and there are no time restrictions and individuals can participate in the program for as long as they would like and as long as they are setting and working toward goals.

Call Snuffer at the Chillicothe Salvation Army at 660-646-3538 for more information on the Pathway to Hope program.