Sales tax brochure presented for review at meeting of Trenton Economic Development Committee

City of Trenton website updated June 2023
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During a meeting of the Trenton City Council’s Economic Development Committee, no action was taken, but a sales tax brochure was presented for review. Glen Briggs, one of four committee members, attended the meeting at City Hall on Tuesday afternoon, resulting in a lack of quorum. Councilman Marvin Humphreys and Mayor Jackie Soptic were also present. City Administrator Ron Urton reported that Scott Sharp of the North Central Missouri Development Alliance presented the brochure.

Urton highlighted that the current proposal is for a one-half of a percent (0.50%) local sales tax for economic development purposes in Trenton, the maximum amount allowed by the state for such a tax.

The next meeting for economic development is tentatively scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on the evening of November 13th, preceding a city council meeting that night. This schedule gives the eight city council members an opportunity to review the brochure and perhaps decide on advancing the ballot issue.

It was previously decided that the Economic Development Committee would likely meet with representatives of other entities on November 21st and perhaps offer a recommendation to the city council.

For any ballot issue to appear on the election ballot next April, the proposal must be certified to the county clerk’s office by a deadline in January 2024.

Trenton currently imposes five local city sales taxes that collectively amount to two point six three (2.63) cents. These taxes fund general revenue, parks, capital projects, fire department needs, and transportation. Collections from the local use tax, determined by the sales tax percentages, contribute to the city’s general revenue.

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