Rissler Elementary Principal offers tips to transition students from school to Summer

Rissler Elementary School

With Summer break starting soon for students, Rissler Elementary School Principal Jennie Boon has eight tips for families to help them make an easy transition from school year to summer.

First, she advises children and parents to review summer plans made and brainstorm ways to address gaps.

She says a student’s routine should be revamped and not eliminated because a routine gives children a sense of structure and security.

Homework can be dropped from the schedule, but new tasks can be added in its place.

Boon encourages the posting of the family’s summer schedule where everyone can see it and let children contribute in determining key dates.

She says to be prepared to be spontaneous.

Families can keep a running list of places and people to visit when time permits and the mood strikes.

Boon notes that if parents and students thrive on a routine, then it should be built into the summer schedule as much as possible.

She advises families to prepare for the transitions in the schedule by mentally rehearsing the routine before it begins.

Next, she says parents can ask others for help with transporting children to activities and supervising them.

Boon encourages parents to involve their children when preparing family trips and activities. Children can help map out driving routes or make a list of clothing and other items the family will need.

Lastly, she advises families to participate in summer outings that encourage summertime learning.

Boon adds that summer school is a good way to stay in the school routine a little longer.

She encourages students to sign up for summer school by going to the Rissler or Trenton Middle School offices that offer classes starting May 22nd and end June 23rd.

Boon also invites students to take part in the Grundy County Jewett Norris Library’s summer reading program, which starts May 20th and ends July 27th.

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