Results announced in FFA ag competition in Savannah

Missouri FFA Jacket with emblem

Agriculture contests were held in 16 categories Monday, March 20 in Savannah.

Several of the area FFA Chapters scored in the top five in the team results.

  • Ag mechanics: Chillicothe 2nd, Gilman City 4th
  • Ag sales: Chillicothe 1st, Trenton 3rd, Meadville 4th
  • Agronomy: Gilman City 2nd, Gallatin 3rd, Meadville 4th
  • Dairy cattle: North Harrison 1st, Gallatin 3rd, Maysville 4th, Trenton 5th
  • Entomology: Winston 1st, Meadville 2nd and Gallatin 3rd.
  • Farm Management: Cameron 1st, Chillicothe 2nd, and Pattonsburg 5th
  • FFA knowledge: the Chillicothe team placed 1st
  • Food science: Winston was 1st and Trenton 2nd.
  • Forestry: the top four teams are North Harrison, Gallatin, Trenton, and Cameron
  • Livestock: Chillicothe 3rd
  • Meats: Cameron 2nd and North Harrison 4th
  • Nursery landscape Gallatin 2nd, Cameron 5th
  • Poultry: Cameron 1st, North Harrison 2nd, and Chillicothe 5th
  • Soils: Gallatin 2nd, Trenton 5th.

Several individuals scored in the top two of the Savannah ag contests Monday.

  • Lilly Stedem of Chillicothe 1st in ag sales
  • Hadley Jumps of Gallatin and Kenzie Milligan of North Harrison were the top two in dairy cattle judging;
  • Levi Youtsey of Winston was the top-ranked judge in entomology.
  • Farm management: Cameron students Kasidy Wilcox and Allie Cass 1st and 2nd.
  • For food science: Megan Christensen of Winston was 1st. There was a 2nd place tie in this category between Jena Hunter of Trenton and Braden Lee of Winston.
  • Forestry: North Harrison students Jaci Davis and Cole Kampman 1st and 2nd.
  • Poultry: Braxton Shanks of Cameron was 1st and Andrea Craig North Harrison 2nd

Ag contests were recently held in Paris, Missouri for FFA chapters. Among those results, the Meadville team took first place in entomology. In the Area Three FFA Leadership Development Event, the Meadville team won first place in the “Conduct of Chapter Meetings” and will advance to the district competition.