Residents in Grundy County need to report flood damage immediately

Grundy County’s Emergency Management Director Glen Briggs says anyone who has not yet contacted him regarding flood or storm-damaged property, should do so immediately.

Briggs, who’s a First Ward Councilman, told the Trenton City Council last night that Grundy is among the 21 counties Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) officials are re-considering for a presidential disaster declaration regarding individual assistance. This would apply to owners of homes and businesses. Briggs previously told KTTN that Grundy County has estimated $100,000 worth of flood and storm damage to individual properties.

Grundy also is among 68 counties across the state waiting on a federal disaster declaration to assist public or tax-supported entities recovering from flooding. Briggs told KTTN that an estimated $2,200,000 worth of damage was documented within Grundy County in the public category for repairs to roads, bridges, and infrastructure.

Glen Briggs can be contacted at the Grundy County Courthouse at (660) 359-4040.