Residents from Eagleville and Kentucky injured in attempt to avoid deer in roadway

Deer in roadway with oncoming car

Residents of Eagleville and London, Kentucky sustained injuries when a car struck a deer and ran off the road three miles north of Eagleville on July 24 at 1:55 am. The driver was later arrested.

Passengers 21-year-old Peggy Lawson and 21-year-old Charles Bray, both of London, Kentucky, and 18-year-old Grant Trusty of Eagleville were taken by ambulance to the Harrison County Community Hospital of Bethany. Lawson’s injuries were considered moderate, and minor injuries were reported for the other two passengers. No injuries were reported for driver 22-year-old Preston Trusty of Eagleville.

The car traveled north on Highway 69 before hitting the deer, continuing north, running off the west side of the road, striking an embankment, and returning to the road. The vehicle then ran off the east side of the road and came to rest on its wheels.

The vehicle was totaled, and the crash report indicates the driver wore a seat belt, but the passengers did not.

The Patrol arrested Preston Trusty and accused him of misdemeanor driving while intoxicated and careless and imprudent driving. He was released from custody.

The Harrison County Sheriff’s Office assisted with the crash.

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