Representative Nate Walker appointed to House Higher Education Committee

Nate Walker

State Rep. Nate Walker will serve on the House committee responsible for discussing and addressing higher education issues in Missouri. He was appointed this week by House Speaker Todd Richardson to serve as a member of the House Higher Education committee for the remainder of the 99th General Assembly.

In naming him to the committee, Richardson noted Walker’s commitment to improving Missouri’s system of education and his efforts to promote and support Truman State University, which is located in his district.

“I want to thank Speaker Richardson for naming me to the committee and giving me a voice on the issues that impact our institutions of higher learning,” said Walker,  “I’m excited to be able to work directly on improving legislation that can be of benefit not only to Truman State and its students but to all of our colleges and students across the state.”

The House Higher Education Committee considers and reports upon bills and matters referred to it relating to higher education and life-long learning in this state, including teachers, financing, property, indebtedness, and curriculum. As a member of the committee, Walker will attend committee hearings where he will work with his colleagues to discuss and improve legislation before it is sent to the House floor for approval.