Representative Nate Walker Announces Tourism Funding For Adair County

Representative Nate Walker Announces Tourism Funding For Adair County
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Representative Nate Walker, 3rd District State Representative, announced today that the Missouri Division of Tourism has awarded $4,666.00 to Kirksville Area Chamber of Commerce to help fund qualified, performance-driven projects designed to increase visitation to Adair County.

The Kirksville Area Chamber of Commerce will match each dollar of state funding with a dollar of local funds.  Rep. Nate Walker said, “State and local funds drive the tourism industry in Missouri”.

Tourism continues to rank as one of the most important revenue and job-producing industries in Missouri, creating more than 295,000 jobs. Missouri’s 6 million residents welcome more than 40 million visitors annually with a $15.9 billion dollar economic impact.

The travel industry has a broad footprint in Missouri because it is comprised of a diverse group of businesses found in every county in the state. The money that visitors spend while in Missouri procures business receipts at these firms, in turn employing Missouri residents and paying their wages and salaries.

State and local government units benefit from travel as well. The state government collects taxes on the gross receipts of businesses operating in the state, as well as sales and use taxes levied on the sale of goods and services to travelers. Local governments also collect sales and use taxes generated from traveler purchases.

These matching funds may be used for media advertising as well as investment in an approved tourism marketing platform designed to attract additional visitors and boost visitor spending in Missouri.

 For more information on the Promote Missouri Fund Program, contact the Division of Tourism, Promote Missouri Fund team at (573) 751-3246 or (573) 526-1551.

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