Rain, runoff and melting snow close roads in North Missouri

Road Closed Due to Flooding

Rain, runoff and melting snow have closed more roads in Northwest Missouri and many more are vulnerable to being overcome by floodwaters. Missouri Department of Transportation crews are monitoring road conditions closely, but floodwaters can rise quickly, before our crews and other emergency services are able to place barricades across the roadway.

MoDOT reminds motorists it only takes six inches of water (or less) to lose control of your vehicle and possibly be swept into rising floodwaters. Any time there is water over the roadway, there may be unseen damage to the road surface below. Stay alert and do not drive through water over a roadway or around construction barricades. MoDOT encourages all motorists to Turn Around! Don’t Drown!

To report a roadway with water on it, call the 24-hour Customer Service line at 888 ASK MODOT (1-888-275-6636).

As of March 14, 2019, the following roads are known to be closed due to flooding:

Andrew County

  • Route 48 on the east side of Rosendale between Elm Street and County Road 168
  • Route 48 on the west side of Rosendale between County Road 149 and Line Street
  • Route B on the west side of Bolckow between Richardson and County Road 141
  • Route C on the east side of Rosendale between Route 48 and Lake Street
  • Route C on the east side of Rosendale between Prospect and County Road 177

Atchison County

  • U.S. Route 59 between U.S. Route 136 and Fairfax
  • Route A between Watson and B Avenue
  • Route BB northwest of Watson is not closed, but water does cover one lane. Use caution.

Buchanan County

  • Route C between St. Joseph and Easton from U.S. Route 36 south to Easton Saxton Road
  • Route H in Agency between Route FF and SE 90th
  • Route MM south of Agency between Loutermilch Road and Old Frame Road

Nodaway County

  • Route 46 south of Quitman between Route PP and Route 113
  • Route C west of Clearmont between Dragonfly Road and Dynasty Road
  • Route DD west of Skidmore at Catalina Road
  • Route U on the east side of Arkoe between Keystone Road and Arkoe

With flash flooding, roads can be closed or reopened on short notice. To see the most up-to-date list of known roadways closed due to flooding, travelers have a few options: