Rain earlier this week not enough to relieve drought conditions in northern Missouri

Drought Graphic

Northern Missouri is currently experiencing abnormally dry to moderate drought conditions.

The United States Drought Monitor map of Missouri released November 12th shows abnormally dry conditions in all of the Green Hills. Moderate drought was reported for portions of Adair, Macon, Chariton, Knox, Shelby, and Scotland counties. Moderate drought was also shown for all of Atchison and Holt counties as well as portions of Gentry, DeKalb, Nodaway, Andrew, and Buchanan counties. The latest map is based on conditions as of November 10th.

Trenton officially received a total of .61 inches of precipitation for the 24-hour periods ending the mornings of November 10th and 11th at 7 o’clock. It was the first time since October 27th measurable precipitation had been reported. One-hundredth of an inch was reported on October 27th. That was a day after there was a quarter of an inch of snow.

As of Tuesday, 51.73% of Missouri had abnormally dry or moderate drought conditions. That was up from last week’s 44.27%. Moderate drought conditions were experienced in 7.66% of the state, which was an increase from 5.54 last week.

Some counties in Southwestern Missouri had moderate drought conditions. Abnormally dry conditions were also mainly in Western, Southwestern, and Central Missouri counties as well as the Saint Louis area.