Racing action abounds at the Northwest Missouri State Fair

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It’s time for racing at the 100th Northwest Missouri State Fair, September 4th & 5th.

On Sunday night the pits will be packed with Show-Me Vintage, Emod, Pure Stock, Limited Modified & WAR Sprints. Monday night will see the Emods, Stock Cars & Modified.

The Show-Me Vintage cars will return for their 4th straight year at the fair races. The Vintage cars take the fans back to the days when Bethany had races on a weekly basis on the half mile track, which is now, only a memory.

The Emods will make the first appearance of two during the weekend with the winner taking home $400. Monday night the Emods will pay $500 to win. Both nights the heats & features will include incentives. Heat winners will receive $10 each. Hard chargers $25. And every lap led will pay $10. If a driver could win both Sunday & Monday, lead every lap and win their heats both nights they could head home with around $1200. Last years feature on Monday night was dominated by two drivers that were 13 & 14 years old.

The Pure Stock made their return to a class of their own just 2 years ago. The car count has slowly gone up each year. And now $250 to the feature winner, numbers could continue to go up. The Pure Stock will see the same bonus money as the Emod class. Heat winners $10. Hard charger in the feature $25. And each lap paying $10. Pure Stock simply put means no crate motors.

The Limited Modified class has had big car counts the last two years. Both USRA & IMCA Sportmod cars are legal & provides some very competitive racing. $1000 pay out to the winner Sunday night surely doesn’t hurt. Bonus money includes, $30 to all heat winners, $100 to the hard charger in the feature & $20 to the leader of each lap. The Limited Modified class definitely provides the fans with plenty of excitement.

The War series sprints make there first ever trip to the Northwest Missouri State Fair in 2016. $1000 on the line to win the feature. The non-wing sprints have been putting on great shows this year. And intend to provide even more excitement for the Fair.

On Monday night, along with the Emods, will be the Stock Cars. The Stock Car count has been very respectable the last two years with several different names making appearances. And this year could be the same. The Stock Car class is the true competitive class every year. With bragging rights for drivers & area tracks as the fastest, most competitive tracks in the Midwest. $700 to the winner with $20 to every heat winner, $50 to the hard charger in the feature & $15 to the leader of each lap.

And finally, on Monday night. The final race of the 2016 edition of the 100th yr, Northwest Missouri State Fair will be the High Flyin’ Modified. Drivers come from Iowa, Missouri, Kansas & Nebraska. $1500 to win. $50 heat wins. $150 hard charger award. And $25 per lap lead. The modified class always gives the fans something to remember until next year.

This year, there’s a little something extra for the fans. Up to $400 will be handed out to lucky fans. But you gotta be there to see how you could win.

Thousands of dollars put up for grabs at the Northwest Missouri State Fair. Why miss all the excitement with racing on Sunday & Monday night on Labor Day weekend at the 2016 Northwest Missouri State Fair.

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Randall Mann

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