Putman County men bring the experience of a real Christmas tree to kids at school

In all of the hustle and bustle during the holidays, not many kids experience what it’s like to have a real Christmas tree as most are now purchased at the local store.

However, two men in Putnam County are making sure that kids at the Putnam County R-1 Elementary School get that experience each year.  Unlike artificial trees, kids get to experience what a traditional Christmas tree is like.  While traditional trees look great, much like artificial trees after decoration, there’s nothing like the aroma of a real tree as you walk by.  For those older generations, the smell of a fresh tree can bring back memories of days gone by.

Jimmy Dover and Walter Griffin, former elementary teachers,  were recently recognized during a school assembly for hand-delivering an honest to goodness real Christmas tree to the school.  They continue the tradition each year so that students can experience what it’s like to see a traditional tree all decked out in holiday decorations.

Kudos to you Mr. Dover and Mr. Griffin!  You represent what the holiday spirit is all about.

Jimmy Dover and Walter Griffin with kids