Protest against vaccine mandate by St. Luke’s Health System to be held on Tuesday

Rally Against Coronavirus Vaccine Mandate

Organizers expect a peaceful rally on Tuesday, September 7, 2021, to show support for what they consider a personal choice on whether hospital employees receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

St. Luke’s Health System of Kansas City has mandated all employees receive a vaccine injection in September or October. This includes those that work at Wright Memorial Hospital in Trenton and Hedrick Medical Center in Chillicothe.

A life-long resident of Trenton, Nathan Rorebeck, spoke with KTTN.



Rorebeck hopes the event will draw attention to mandates.



St. Luke’s Health System has established the end of October for what it called a deadline for all employees to be vaccinated.  When questioned by KTTN, Rorebeck said he’s not employed in healthcare.



Rorebeck added comments, including where participants will be at mid-day Tuesday, and his request for the rally to be peacefully done.



While the rally is designed to show support for personal choice on receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, Rorebeck also believes wearing a face mask is a personal choice.