Proposed tax increase would address problems at Sunnyview Nursing Home

Sunnyview Nursing Home
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Voters across Grundy County Tuesday, November 8th decide a proposed increase in the tax levy that provides local revenue for the Sunnyview Nursing Home and Apartments in Trenton.

The proposal comes from the Grundy County Nursing Home District Board of Directors. The current levy has remained at 15 cents on the 100 dollars of assessed valuation since 1973 when the district was established and the nursing home was built.

President of the Nursing Home Board, Jim Cox:


Health care for patients is paid through Medicaid, Medicare, various insurance plans, and private payments. Board member Bridgett Bunnell says the nursing home loses money daily on each of the Medicaid-qualified patients:

It’s reported 58 percent of the 110 residents at Sunnyview are on Medicaid.

Information about the tax levy was presented at the latest meeting of the Trenton Rotary Club with Allan Seidel noting Sunnyview expenses have risen considerably over the past 43 years, many of them due to government regulations and expanding services offered to residents while trying to stay competitive in salaries and benefits.


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