Probation violation tops cases in Division One of circuit court

Court News

Probation violation hearings were held Thursday in Grundy County Circuit Court.

Michelle Sue Curtis of Trenton admitted probation violations. The probation was revoked by the court. A previous stay was set aside and the previously-issued sentence of seven years in prison was ordered executed. This was the judgment on each of two cases of felony possession of a controlled substance. The two sentences run concurrently.

Probation was revoked when Lila Lea Combs of Trenton admitted to violations of probation. She was sentenced to four years with the department of corrections. The court retains jurisdiction for 120 days and requested she be placed in institutional treatment. Her original charge was felony possession of a controlled substance.

Kimberly Ann Lewis of Trenton saw her probation revoked on an original charge of felony possession of a controlled substance. She was sentenced to three years in prison. Imposition of sentence was suspended and Ms. Lewis was placed on probation for five years. The court also ordered her to complete substance abuse treatment. Disposition of the Grundy County case runs consecutively with a sentence and subsequent probation issued February 28th in Livingston County for a felony drug charge.

Following a hearing in which violations were admitted, probation was continued for Erin Nicole Gathercole of Trenton. Additional conditions imposed by the court include no internet or social media use; 20 hours community service; and 17 days in jail with credit given for time served. Her original charge in Grundy County was tampering, or attempt to tamper, with a victim in a felony.

A May 1st jury trial was set aside for Mark Allen Romesburg of Trenton who is to appear May 10th in court on a charge of domestic assault in the third degree.

Damon Buss of Trenton, who faces a charge of non-support of a minor, has a jury trial scheduled August 3rd.

Monica Kay Proctor of Trenton is to appear in circuit court for a jury trial August 29th on two Grundy County charges: hindering prosecution of a felony and using drugs to endanger the welfare of a child.