Princeton R-5 Superintendent Jerry Girdner clarifies wage schedules for next school year


The Princeton Board of Education has approved wage schedules for the next school year for certified and non-certified staff.

A news release from the district said they were approved with no changes, however, Superintendent Jerry Girdner today clarified that means there’s no change to the teacher base salary of $30,000. Teachers will be given a $500 dollar increase for experience and teachers obtaining more education qualify for an additional $1,000. The pay increases for teachers amounts to about 1.7%.

Superintendent Girdner and Principals Dana Seymour and Brent Mitchell also are to receive the 1.7% increase since the district attempts to give the same percentage increase to teachers and administrators.

Girdner explained there’s no change to the teacher’s base salary because the district does not yet know the cost of health insurance for employees.

The board was informed the Princeton district is anticipating a significant increase in health insurance premiums. Currently, the district pays $550 per month of the employees PPO premium. The total cost is slightly over $626 per month, leaving employees with a monthly balance of slightly over $76.00. The plan has a $1,500 deductible, and a maximum out of pocket cost of $4000.

Superintendent Girdner said there will be a 10%, or greater, premium increase with a monthly premium exceeding $700 dollars. The Princeton district is working with its broker, Thomas McGee, to explore competitive bidding for a new provider.