Princeton City Counsel approves contracts at latest meeting

Princeton in Mercer County Missouri

The Princeton City Council at their latest meeting approved several contracts for the Princeton Chamber of Commerce for Calamity Jane Days.

Deputy City Clerk Cory Willett reports the service contracts were for $450 for marching bands and Battle of the Bands, $400 for ice cream and music after the tractor cruise, $400 for the Saturday night band Kattewampus, and $250 for Karaoke Night.

The council also approved a caterer’s license for Bill Heck, so he can have a beer garden at Crossroads Friday and Saturday nights during Calamity Jane Days.

Willett reports ordinances were updated regarding shutoff notices for gas and water. She says the trip charge is now $50, and shutoff is an additional $50.

The council also adopted the conflict of interest ordinance.