Princeton City Council votes to adjust water rate for football field sprinklers

Princeton City Council Meeting News Graphic
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The Princeton City Council voted on July 8 to adjust the water rate for football field sprinklers.

City Superintendent Greg Goodknight reported that the city had been charging the school the wholesale price for sprinklers at the football field. It was noted over a year ago that the rate needed reevaluation to determine if the city should continue charging the wholesale cost or switch to the city users’ rate.

The council voted to change the school football sprinklers rate from wholesale to the city users rate. The rate will now be $22.44 for the first 1,000 gallons and $15.04 for every 1,000 gallons after that.

Kelly Bertrand represented the Princeton Chamber of Commerce at the meeting. She requested band tax money of $12,250 for nine different music performances for Calamity Jane Days on September 20 and 21. The council approved the band tax money, which includes $2,500 for the Clay Clear Band; $1,500 each for the El Dorados, the melodrama, the Shoot Out Gang, Centerline, and High Strung; $900 each for The Real Beals and Neva Alden and Fiddler; and $450 for Walter Plant.

There was discussion regarding the five trash cans around the square not being emptied by Rapid Removal. Goodknight reported that the new contract with Rapid Removal did not include the service. Questions and concerns were raised by Bertrand and Larry Pollard regarding the full trash cans and trash blowing around the square.

Goodknight was to contact Rapid Removal and ask if the company would be willing to empty the cans weekly if the city agrees to pay $100 a month for the service. If Rapid Removal does not agree, there is a possibility the cans will be removed from the square.

Goodknight reported a second payment of $28,500 was submitted to the Department of Natural Resources for the water tower project.

Mayor Doug Stark attended a meeting with the Mercer County Area Development Corporation. He mentioned the possibility of turning the old ball fields into a campground. There is no time frame or set plans for the project at this time.

The city was to contact the Grundy Electric Cooperative to inquire about the cost of removing the poles and lights at the old ball fields.

Council Member Jimmie Rogers reported he had been asked by Michelle Williams if the city provided money for demolition contracting. Rogers said Williams wanted to remove two trailers on her property.

Council Member Peggy Constable said she received complaints about a house on Park Street that had trash in the yard and a loose, aggressive dog. Deputy City Clerk Jami McLain said she would send the resident a notice to abate regarding the property cleanup. The notice would also address the requirement for all dogs to be registered with the city and adhere to the leash law.

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