Princeton City Council approves contracts

Princeton in Mercer County Missouri

The Princeton City Council has approved its tax rate for the year.

The total tax rate will $.9063 which includes the general fund rate of almost 82 cents ($.8173), and the band fund of nearly 9 cents ($.089).

The city council also approved several service contracts in the amount of $2,050 for the Princeton Chamber of Commerce for Calamity Jane Days.

Six hundred dollars went to Brian Hebron, Brandon Hebron, Pat Mead, and Chuck Herdrech to play with the Sky Blue Country Band. The queen contest received $50. $500 went to the Ambassadors Band and $150 went to Karl and Gretchen Schroder for entertainment. $50 was given to someone to sing the National Anthem and $750 went to the Red Beals to play.

Sewer charges were adjusted for Gary Vanderpool. Vanderpool has a leak and the water has not gone through the sewer.

The council also adopted the conflict of interest ordinance.