Princeton Board of Education work session includes Summer maintenance projects

Princeton R-5 School Website

A work session for the Princeton R-5 Board of Education on Monday included summer maintenance projects, discussion of a school van or sports utility vehicle, track equipment, and repairs to gymnasium bleachers.

Superintendent Jerry Girdner reported the school board approved repairs to the motorized gymnasium bleachers that also include the addition of motors for automation.

Approval was given to purchase track equipment including hurdles, starting blocks, high jump, and pole vault mats and standards. The superintendent reported the recently-completed Jim King track will be fully equipped and ready for the first track meet at Princeton April 15th.

The board is considering a possible purchase of a school van or SUV that Girdner says would be more efficient to operate for when transportation of only a few students is needed. Funds are allocated in the current budget for a purchase.

Girdner reported recommendations on potential summer maintenance projects are to be considered at the March board meeting in Princeton.

Board President Rick Ellsworth also presented Dennis Gutshall of rural Trenton with a plaque showing the board and school districts’ appreciation for consulting work done on recent construction projects at Princeton.