Princeton Board of Education takes action on multiple agenda items

The Princeton Board of Education has approved a plan to request qualifications for architectural services.

The action was recommended by a facilities committee for a potential upcoming bond issue. The architectural route is to be pursued rather than a design-build process.

Once the request for qualifications is advertised two weeks, a facility meeting is planned to interview potential firms.

The board tabled bids to replace a heating ventilation and cooling unit at the Stacy Center. A bid for the mechanical portion was slightly over $37,000. A bid for the controls exceeded $17,000. The bids are to be reviewed and a determination made at the next facility meeting on how to proceed. The unit to be replaced serves the locker rooms, foyer, offices, and a storage area at the Stacy Center.

The Princeton Board of Education reviewed an inspection report on the gymnasium bleachers at the elementary school. Superintendent Jerry Girdner said the bleachers have some wear and tear. The school board is to consider adding motors to the bleachers.

The board approved the employment of Cherri Delameter as a cook as the resignation of Lisa Beyers was accepted.

Becci Shew and Rachel Stricken were approved for Student council extra duty assignments.

The board discussed the possibility of purchasing a lawn mower next summer. Currently, the district contracts the service. Bus routes were also approved.