Princeton Board of Education reviews health insurance

Princeton R-5 School Website

The Princeton R-5 Board of Education approved the cap on health insurance premiums, pay increases, and tuition at its meeting Monday evening.

The health insurance premiums increased by 10.5% for the upcoming year. The board approved raising the current cap on health insurance premiums to $550, which will increase the board contribution to $192 per employee. The total cost of the preferred provider organization plan is $626.10, which will leave the employee an out-of-pocket monthly expense of $76.10.  The school will offer a Choice Fund Plan health savings account, which will be 100% funded at $508.60 by the district. The district will also contribute $41.40 per month to the health savings account.

The board approved pay increases for the 2018-2019 extra duty pay scale. The board voted to grandfather in three current positions held by staff that the new scale would have affected negatively. The board will review the salary schedule at the June budget meeting. It intends to raise the base salary.

The tuition for next school year for kindergarten through 12th-grade students will be $6,241.

The board also approved board policies and voted Rick Ellsworth as President and Larry Pollard as Vice President. Ron Parsons was appointed as Secretary and Karla Meinke as Treasurer.

Dennis Gutshall updated the board on the construction project. He reported the concrete floor is to be poured this week at the Stacy addition, and the elementary exterior block walls are near completion. He also noted the block layer contractor has worked every day possible including Saturdays, and the roofing contractor only has the final layer left on the band and art roof. Electrical work is to begin on the band and art areas soon.

Kim Wilson presented an update on the Title 1 program.

After a closed session, it was announced the board approved three resignations. Those include bus driver Becky Tudeen, track coach John Goodin, and custodian Jason Bears.

The board also approved non-certified letters of intent and extra-duty contracts for the 2018-2019 school year.