Precipitation below normal for 4th consecutive month in Trenton

Missouri Weather

For the fourth consecutive month, measurable precipitation in Trenton for January was less than one inch. In fact, it wasn’t even half an inch – and represents the least amount in any month for the past two-plus years.

Rain and melted precipitation from some snow, sleet, and freezing rain amounted to only 38-hundreths in January. The last two weeks of this past month has seen only two-hundredths at Trenton. That was on the 21st. The 38 hundredths is three-quarters of an inch below average for January. October, November, and December 2016 also were below normal with less than an inch in each month.

It’s also the fourth consecutive January for Trenton to experience less than an inch precipitation. Of the past four January’s, only 2015 had less: 14 hundredths. But less than an inch in January is not unusual for Trenton – 13 of the last 20 years has had a January with under an inch to begin the calendar year.

This winter also is noted – at least so far– for a lack of snowfall. There have been only three dates with measurable snow at Trenton – a collective total of six and six-tenths inches. (January 5th was an inch and a third; December 18th was four and a third; and one inch December 4th) That’s really close to the three snowfalls of the previous winter: December 2015 and January 2016.

Our long-term average for snowfall at Trenton is about 20 inches.

Trenton temperatures last month were warmer than normal with daytime highs averaging 36.7 which is nearly two degrees above average

The low temperatures were more than six degrees warmer than normal. The average minimum for January is 24.2 degrees.

There were only two mornings with below zero readings at Trenton: four below on both January 5th and 6th. There were three other mornings with single digit lows. Collectively, those cold temperatures encompassed five consecutive days during the first week of the month.

At the other extreme, the warmest temperature at Trenton for January was 57 degrees observed on Monday. Two other days saw highs of 50 and 51 degrees.