Post office building collapses in Jamesport

jamesport post office collaps

No injuries were reported when most of the Jamesport Post Office collapsed the morning of Wednesday, August 19th.

Ashley Bontrager with Jamesport Fire and Rescue says the back wall of the post office is still standing. A neighboring antique store near the intersection of Broadway Street and Auberry Grove was also damaged. The whole Jamesport Square is blocked off to traffic. It is unknown how long the area will be closed.

It is unknown what caused the post office to collapse. Bontrager notes it is to be determined if the rest of the building has to be demolished. The safety and security of the building have yet to be determined. She does not know how the collapse will affect mail delivery for Jamesport.

Law enforcement, Jamesport Fire and Rescue, and Daviess County Emergency Management are on scene. The Daviess County Ambulance is on standby.


Post office Collapse Jamesport
Post office building collapse in Jamesport. Reports indicate that rubble is blocking Highway 190 and Route F