Polls open at 6 am across the state of Missouri for Presidential Primary

Election 2020

Missouri’s Presidential Primary Election is today with polls opening at 6 am across the state until 7 o’clock this evening.

One change in a polling location has been announced for today in Grundy County. Voters for Lincoln and Harrison townships are NOT to go to Tindall but instead vote on the first floor east room at the Grundy County Courthouse in Trenton. Trenton First Ward and Jefferson Township also are voting at the courthouse but in the open area on the first floor.

When voters go to the polls, they will select one ballot out of the five that are available. That’s because five political parties in Missouri have at least one candidate on the ballot.

The longest ballot, in terms of names, is for the Democratic Party which has the names of 22 candidates, most of whom have dropped out on the national scene or were never viable candidates. The two most well-known candidates left are former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders.

The Republican ballot in Missouri has names of five candidates including President Donald Trump, the Green party has three candidates, the Constitution Party has two names and the Libertarian Party has one candidate for President.

In Grundy County, 24 more residents voted by absentee on Monday which raises the total number of absentee ballots cast to 134. Another seven remain to be returned to the Grundy County Clerk’s office.