Polling places in Grundy County remain the same as August election, Sullivan County Clerk offers curbside voting

Polling Place Vote Graphic by Randall Mann

Grundy County’s eight polling places on Tuesday will be the same as those used for the August primary election.

Each polling place has either two of the rural Townships or a Trenton Ward plus a Township. Changes made earlier this year due to the closing of the Tindall location include Lincoln Township voters joining those from 2nd Ward at the Sugg Room of Ketcham Community Center. Harrison Township voters go to the 1st Christian Church in Trenton where the 3rd Ward votes.

Other polling places are Grundy County Courthouse for Jackson Township and the 1st Ward of Trenton; First Baptist Church Recreation Center for Jackson Township and 4th Ward of Trenton as well as Spickard Christian Church for Franklin and Washington Townships; Galt Baptist Church for Liberty and Myers Townships; Edinburg Baptist Church for Madison and Taylor Townships and the Laredo Community Building for Wilson and Marion Townships. Polling sites on Tuesday are open from 6 am to 7 pm.

The Sullivan County Clerk’s office has announced curbside voting on Tuesday for individuals under a COVID-19 quarantine and no symptoms. There are three sites including the city hall of Green City, the American Legion building in Milan and the Medicine Creek Fire Station in Harris.

Graphic by Randall Mann