Poll shows more people than not disapprove of Greitens and think he should resign

Governor Eric Greitens

A new poll shows a plurality of Missouri voters disapprove of Republican Governor Eric Greitens’ job performance while a similar percentage thinks he should resign.



47% of those responding to a Mason-Dixon poll disapprove of the job Greitens is doing while only 41% approve and 12% are unsure. The governor’s approval numbers track closely with voter sentiment on whether he should resign from office. Statewide, roughly 48% feel Greitens should resign, while 36% say he should not and 16% are not sure. Mason-Dixon offers its own observation on the 16%, saying those people are, “likely waiting to see as more facts emerge.”

Greitens is charged with felony invasion of privacy for allegedly photographing his mistress in a state of undress and then threatening to distribute the photo if she told others about their relationship. He also faces legal challenges on several other fronts. The Mason-Dixon survey comes as the Missouri House has adjourned until next Tuesday, an unusual action that was called for by the chamber’s Republican leadership. The poll has a margin of error of plus-or-minus 4%