Police Chief Tommy Wright reports phone scammers hitting Trenton

Phone Scam

The Trenton Police Department has received reports of a phone scam involving a 1-800 number (1-800-981-4002).

Police Chief Tommy Wright reports the caller identified himself as being from Trenton Municipal Utilities and threatened to shut off services if payment was not made over the phone.  Wright notes when the police first called the number, the person said he was from TMU.  He says when the police called later, the person then said he was from Chillicothe Municipal Utilities.

Wright reports the Trenton Police alerted the Chillicothe Police of the scam.

Randall Mann who is the engineer at KTTN notes that while you may see the number on your caller ID reported by Chief Tommy Wright, scammers can “spoof” or change the number you see at random as well as change the name displayed on the caller ID.  Once scammers are discovered, it is not uncommon for them to quickly change the display in order to keep the scam going or change the scam altogether to display a different number and name on one’s caller ID.