Plans for a Sesquicentennial celebration in the works for Jamesport

Jamesport Missouri Website

Plans are moving forward for a Sesquicentennial celebration in Jamesport next year.

The topic was discussed during a Jamesport City Council meeting on May 10th. The Sesquicentennial Committee was to hold its first planning meeting on May 11th. Plans for future meetings are to be announced. It was reported last month that the city plans to hold the celebration the first week of July 2022.

The council discussed the lighting at the Jamesport City Park. Council Member Geoff Eads suggested Superintendent Trent Brewer talk to Evergy regarding the cost to install lighting on the park grounds. City Clerk Shelley Page reports dark spots at the park at night, and the city wants to add more lighting.

Nuisance letters are being issued to begin spring clean-up. Brewer reported a dumpster had been put at the city work building for Jamesport residents.

Jamesport Baptist Church Pastor Jim Whitley prayed for the city and employees for their protection as public servants.

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