Planning and Zoning Commission postpones meeting regarding proposed outdoor theater

Planning and zoning

A postponement by one month has been announced for the Trenton Planning and Zoning Commission to hold a hearing on a request for a conditional use permit.

The hearing had been announced for Tuesday, September 8th, and Trenton City Administrator Ron Urton reports the meeting tomorrow night has been postponed until October 5th due to what he called a “large amount of interest” in the issue of a proposed outdoor theater as well as concerns for large gatherings because of COVID-19.

Urton said the postponement by one month will allow time for instructions to be given to persons interested in the issue. These include how they can provide written comments or attend the City Hall meeting virtually using the Zoom web application.

As previously announced, a conditional use permit has been requested by Gabe Chrisman and Erma Newton to allow them to build an outdoor theater on the property in north Trenton, described as 2306 Oak Street and 22-11 Stature Street.

The Trenton Board of Adjustments is STILL scheduled to meet Tuesday night, September 8, 2020, at 7 o’clock at city hall to consider a variance request from Jeff Page to allow an accessory structure to be built at 812 West Crowder Road. The requests seeks variances from both the maximum area and maximum height requirements.