Opening Ceremony 2019: Doctor Paul Cox officially opens Missouri Day Festival

Missouri Day Opening Ceremonies with Speaker Paul Cox

At the Missouri Day Festival opening ceremonies Thursday night, Trenton dentist Paul Cox discussed the family’s four generations of dentistry and praised the city of Trenton and it’s citizens.



After Doctor Forrest Curtis Cox came to Trenton, he was followed by Doctor Forrest Curtis Cox the second; Doctor Paul Cox; and now Doctor Andrew Cox. The first Cox dental office was above what was then, Stein’s Clothing Store on Main Street. That location now includes Sesquicentennial Park.

A new dental clinic was constructed on Cedar Street in 1955.



Doctor Paul Cox praised Trenton for its parks, college, schools, hospital, businesses, industry, the farming community, and churches.



Doctor Paul Cox was speaking at the opening ceremonies for the 35th annual Missouri Day Festival in Trenton.

(Photo courtesy of Diane at Trenton Republican Times)