Officials announce results from the Lucerne Stock Show in the Dairy Cattle and Dairy Goat shows

Livestock Show

Results have been announced from the Dairy Cattle and Dairy Goat shows at the Lucerne Stock Show on August 3rd.

InDairy Cattle, the Holstein champion was shown by Case Melzer, the Guernsey champion was shown by Gretchen Dickerson, the Brown Swiss and Ayrshire champions were shown by Adeline Dickerson, and the Jersey champion was shown by Lauren Nold. Supreme female and in-county supreme female awards went to Adeline Dickerson. The reserve supreme female award went to Case Melzer. Gretchen Dickerson received senior showman, and David Melzer received junior showman.

The Lucerne Stock Show Dairy Goat Show yielded these winners. The grand champion doe and in-county grand champion doe were shown by Lucas Payne. The reserve champion doe was shown by Taylor Morriss. Tanner Tipton had the grand champion market, and Lucas Payne had the in-county champion market and reserve champion market. Tanner Tipton showed the grand champion buck and reserve champion buck. Taylor Morriss received senior showman, Lucas Payne received junior showman, and Jill Payne was the adult showman.