Officers stop car with 2,200-pound bull riding shotgun in Nebraska

Wattusi Bull riding in a car
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It was a little less than a year ago when officers in Norfolk, Nebraska, were dispatched on a call for a “vehicle with a cow inside” rolling through the town. While police assumed the bovine passenger would be a small calf that would actually fit inside the vehicle, what they discovered was anything but small.


Officers located Lee Meyers riding down US-257 with his enormous 2,200-pound (997-kilogram) half-Longhorn, half-Watusi African bull riding shotgun in a 1996 Ford Crown Victoria. The car’s roof on the passenger side had been removed so the animal could fit, and there was a yellow barrier on the side of the vehicle to keep the bull inside.

The bull, whose name is Howdy Doody, is a regular attraction at parades and fairs throughout the state, and the two were actually on their way to another small-town parade when they were stopped in Norfolk.

Norfolk Police Captain Chad Reiman stated that despite the citable issues with the situation, the officer wrote Meyers some warnings and asked him to take Howdy Doody back home to the city of Neligh.

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