October unemployment rate in Green Hills counties remains fairly steady

Unemployment Rate

October unemployment rates among area counties remain fairly steady when compared to September.

The latest county by county unemployment rates were released on Tuesday, November 24, by the Missouri Division of Employment Security. The majority of area counties have rates below the Missouri unemployment rate of 3.8%.

Grundy County’s October rate is 3.4% which is based on 149 people unemployed out of a civilian labor force of about 4,450. By comparison, the October figure is nine-tenths of a percent higher than the rate was in the previous month which was 2.5%. In October of 2019, Grundy County had a rate of 2-1/2 percent with 110 people out of work.

Unemployment rates in other area counties include Linn at 3.6%; Clinton 3.5%; Sullivan 3.3%; Adair 3.1%; and Caldwell is at three percent. Area counties with rates between three and two percent are Daviess 2.7%; Harrison and DeKalb at 2.6%; Livingston at 2.4%; and Putnam and Gentry are 2.1%.

The unemployment rate in Mercer County is 1.9%.