November a busy month for Trenton Mayor Jackie Soptic

Jackie Soptic (Photo via Facebook Account)
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Trenton Mayor Jackie Soptic informed the City Council on Monday night that she has met with high school seniors in Trenton this month to discuss their future plans. Soptic noted that several students expressed a desire to stay in the Trenton area to join the workforce, instead of attending college. The mayor highlighted job opportunities available in Trenton, including positions with the city and Trenton Municipal Utilities. Soptic is also collaborating with school counselors.

In her report, Soptic mentioned she recently led a strategic planning session for the Trenton Convention and Visitors Board. The meeting focused on discussing priorities, which include constructing a grandstand for spectator seating at North Central Missouri Fair events, ongoing support for the Trenton Area Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Trenton, and the North Central Missouri Development Alliance, as well as aiding businesses in marketing.

Other activities of the Trenton Mayor, as per her written report, included a meeting with a visiting Tongan leader from Salt Lake City, participation in a Trenton emergency planning exercise, and attendance at various luncheons, receptions, and fundraising events. Soptic also attended meetings for the Wright Memorial Hospital Advisory Group, the Head Start Bright Futures Council, and the Green Hills Animal Shelter. Additionally, she was present at municipal court sessions concerning the city of Trenton cases.

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