North Missouri election results for Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Election Results

It was a light voter turnout of just 10.9% in Grundy County on Tuesday for the election.

Trenton voters selected four city councilmen and three people to R-9 Board of Education and passed a city of Trenton ballot issue. The five percent bed tax was approved by a margin of 247 in favor and 107 opposed which is 69.8% support.

Chosen without opposition to the Trenton City Council in first through fourth wards were Kevin Klinginsmith, Marvin Humphreys, Dave Mlika, and Duane Urich. Selected to the Trenton R-9 Board of Education were Andy Burress (374), Brandon Gibler (362), and Corey Leeper (340). Candidate Doug Franklin, who had announced his withdrawal, came in fourth. (146)

At Laredo, Carol Holloway defeats Cassidy Russell 30 to 15 for Mayor. Chosen for Alderman at Large were Bruce McFie and Helen Golden. Chosen to fill two seats on the Spickard R-2 Board of Education were Chelsea White (33) and Charles Holtzclaw with 30 votes. Voters in Washington township passed a 35 cent levy 7 to 6 for four years.

Elected to the North Mercer school board from a field of five are Julie Graham, (74), Heath West (71), and Aaron Perkins (52). Kurt Meighen wins re-election as Mayor of Princeton 127 to 20 over Dillion Atkinson. Chosen Princeton Aldermen were Tony Johnson, unopposed and Karee Cunningham defeated Jane Schroder 30-14.

Princeton voters approved the question 96 to 44 which allows the town to forgo an election if the exact number of candidates file for positions that are open. Mercer County reported a 19.87% voter turnout.

In the Chillicothe R-2 School District, patrons gave 44 percent support to the 68-cent levy increase. The proposal failed with 790 in favor and 994 against.

Winning the race for Chillicothe school board were Brice Owen Walker; Kathy Gilliland and Lauren Anne Horsman. Selected to the Livingston R-3 Chula School Board were Dan Murphy, Larissa Regan, and Diana Holcer.

Voters within Chillicothe approved a one quarter percent city sales tax to benefit the police department. The issue passed 716 to 471 – showing a 60-40 margin. Voter turnout was 22 percent.

Election results from Sullivan County include the election of Angela Curtis to the hospital board. Selected to the Milan C-2 Board of Education from a field of five were Jody Glidewell, Dennis Weaver, and Crystal Brinkley Bupp. For city offices in Milan, Andy Herington wins Mayor; Randy McCollum and Steve Hill for Aldermen plus Rebecca Bennett who defeated Sally Jones for West Ward Alderman 44 to 10.

In Putnam County, Charley Bill Pittman defeats two others in the race for Mayor. Winning Aldermen races were Nancy Jones and Jason Hill. Unionville voters defeated the local use tax proposal 164 to 205, but approved the second ballot issue 209 to 150 and will forgo an election when the candidates who file equal positions to be filled.

From a field of five, Putnam County R-1 patrons elected to the school board are Jason Rouse, Bradley Ream, and CL Vestal. Others winning races were Jordan Hendee on Putnam County Ambulance District board and Donad Craig Hogg for the Putnam County Care Center district board.

Browning is divided at the county line of Sullivan and Linn. Winning seats on the town Board of Aldermen are Robert Wood and Todd Sparks. Larry Smith wins Mayor and Aldermen elected are Ed Evans and Vicki Redick at Laclede.

Chosen from six candidates to be on the Meadville School Board are Cody Smith, Mason Kiehl, and Diana Howe. Brookfield school patrons give 70 percent approval to pass a proposal to borrow three million dollars without increasing the debt service levy.

Marceline approves its local use tax with nearly 55 percent support. Gary Carlson was elected to the Marceline City Council.  Among Harrison County election results, voters overwhelming approve (804 to 114) making permanent the one half of a percent county sales tax for roads.

Elected to the Ridgeway School Board were Amber McFall, Matt Whitaker, and Tanya Merritt. For North Harrison of Eagleville School Board, it will be Matt Graham, John Lueken, and Kam Parkhurst. Chosen for Bethany Aldermen are Terry Butch Osmon and Randy Brejnik.

For Gilman City Aldermen, it’s Jack Prindle and Zach Harris with Linda Robertson taking Mayor. Chosen to Pattonsburg Board of Education are Benjamin DeJong, Justin Brent Hangley, and Josh Hulett. For Winston school board, it’s Karla Youtsey, Jason Estes, and Hydi Sheetz.

Taking seats as Jamesport Aldermen will be Rob Murphy and Brandon Robb who defeated Freda Garner. For Gallatin town Aldermen, it’s Daniel McCann and Danny Lockridge. Winston approves 20 to 5, continuing the 30 cent street tax levy and the Daviess Special Road District 35 cent continuation levy passes 24 to 9.

The majorities were similar when voters in the Cameron area on Tuesday approved the school levy question and a city sales tax.

The Cameron school district is split into four counties: Clinton, DeKalb, Caldwell, and Daviess. The school question passed in each county. Adding the totals show 895 in favor and 399 opposed which is a 69% turnout. The issue will allow the Cameron board of education to borrow ten million dollars for site development, construction, and furnishing a new auditorium / performing arts center among other facility improvements.

The Cameron city sales proposal of one half of one percent received 68 percent support. The count, combining Clinton and DeKalb county results, shows 776 in favor and 367 against. The sales tax is to allow Cameron to rehabilitate the existing aquatics center and acquire parkland and construct ball fields.

Voters at Hamilton approve 99 to 51 to have a one cent per gallon motor fuel fee on diesel fuel, gasoline, and/or blended fuels. Money is to be used on the streets.

Breckenridge voted 18 to 15 and will forego annual elections when the number of candidates equals the city positions to be filled. Kingston defeated on a close vote, 15 in favor and 16 opposed, a one-cent city sales tax.

Among other area results: there were five candidates for Marceline school board, Marceline patrons in Linn and Chariton counties elected to Lex Cavanah, Tonya (Toni) Sportsman, and Walter Heller to the board of education.