North Mercer Board of Education discusses no longer accepting tuition waivers

Mercer School District Website

The North Mercer R-3 Board of Education discussed no longer accept tuition waivers at its meeting on Monday evening. The topic is to be on the August agenda.

The discussion was due to parent transportation concern requests. Immediate family members paying taxes to the district will be considered for a waiver if and only if the amount paid offsets the tuition amount in full, which is required by statute. Waivers are reviewed yearly.

The board appointed staff members to positions. The appointments included Terry Bomgardner as Homeless Liaison and Migrant Education Director, Lauren Guilkey Foster Care Point of Contact, and Greg Frost English Language Learners Coordinator.

A resignation was accepted from Shayna Mulvania as special education paraprofessional.

A bid from Anderson Erickson of Des Moines was approved for milk. No bread bids were received.

The board was informed preliminary assessed valuation numbers for North Mercer look like there will be a decrease of nearly 10%. The county assessor said the primary reason for the decrease is telephone fiber lines have been completed and are taxed differently than when they were being installed.

The tax rate hearing was set for the evening of August 14th at 5:50 which is 10 minutes prior to the regular August meeting.

Bleacher repairs and gymnasium floor finishing will be started in the next few weeks, and varsity locker rooms will be renovated and moved upstairs to the current visitor locker rooms.

(Note: Story has been updated to reflect that tuition waivers were discussed. The North Mercer Superintendent informed KTTN that information sent to the newsroom was incorrect.)