North Mercer School Board approves after school program

North Mercer Board of Education accepts four resignations, adds baseball for 2017

The North Mercer School district will sponsor an after school program beginning Monday, September 19 with hours from 3:15 until 5:30 Monday through Thursday.

The program is for all ages, although it’s primarily for Kindergarten through 6-grade students with a cost of $3.00 per day.

While there’s no district transportation service for the after school program, North Mercer Superintendent Dan Owens said the district will attempt to break even on the program with the salary cost of approximately $45.00 per day.

Interest in the program has been expressed for 14 students and the program is to be reviewed at the end of the school year.

The board amended a policy to add a parental leave component of six to eight weeks for births, adoption, and foster care. Persons may use their paid leave and any vacation time before having unpaid time off.

The board also updated a student cell phone usage policy to meet what’s been allowed in the past couple of years. Students may use cell phones during lunch and in the hallways between classes.

The board approved a tuition waiver request valued at three thousand dollars a year with no state aid.

A proposal by Captured Moments by Teri of Mercer was approved to take pictures during Barnwarming, Homecoming, and Prom this school year. It was the only proposal received.

A Senior trip policy was discussed and will be reviewed at the end of the school year.