North Mercer R-3 Board of Education sets graduation date, approves coaching responsibilities

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The North Mercer R-3 Board of Education the evening of Monday, October 12th set graduation and approved supplemental coaching responsibilities. The graduation is scheduled for the afternoon of May 9th, 2021 at 2 o’clock.

Supplemental coaching responsibilities included retired teacher Dave Fuller to continue as the head boys and girls track coach. Fuller has directed the program for more than 19 years. Others named as high school coaches included Joanne Fisher for the dance team and Cassie Moore for the academic team. Other assistants and sponsors were assigned.

Activities were discussed with an emphasis on November adult activities. The Community Teachers Association Craft Show was approved. An emphasis was placed on wiping entry areas many times during the day. Secretary Jennifer Wilson says the craft show will be in the new gym November 7th from 9 to 3 o’clock.

It was determined to not hold an in person Veterans Day program. North Mercer will work on a presentation to be viewed on the district website. There is no date yet set for when that will be posted online. The regular program meal will be delivered to the homes of area veterans who have attended in the past. The district will work with the American Legion to help identify veterans.

The board reviewed basketball games or other similar indoor event protocols. North Mercer requires visitor seating on the far side and home on the near side of the gym. Children should sit with their parents when possible.

Games are live-streamed through Facebook Live. Away games streamed from other districts will be placed on North Mercer’s website and Community Connections.

A plexiglass shield will be built to help protect gatekeepers. Masks will not be required. However, masks will be available and are encouraged.

Food availability at the concession stand has not been altered at this point. Food will be served from inside the kitchen, and the table boundary will be eliminated. Customers will walk up to the counter to order and be behind the existing shield. Tables will be spread at a greater distance around the commons area.

Persons are asked to stay home if they do not feel well and social distance whenever possible. Attendees are encouraged to recognize their seating location posted against the back wall in case contract tracing is necessary.