North Mercer improves in all subject areas in annual performance report

Mercer School District Website

The North Mercer R-3 Board of Education renewed property insurance on Monday evening. The insurance is through CPSK in Harrisonville, and the rates for the year are $36,793, which is up $986 from last year.

Budget amendments were approved and it was announced North Mercer has shown improvement in all subject areas in the past three years on the annual performance report.

The district’s annual report card will be sent by mail to every district patron after the department of education puts all of the information online. It is a state mandate that the information be published and is available to the public.

The superintendent’s evaluation form was handed out and is to be reviewed at the January meeting.

The next board meeting was moved to the evening of January 9th at 6 o’clock due to extra-curricular conflicts.